Monday, July 20, 2009

In Cancer News...

TIHS article reports on the AMAZING discovery of a group of Jewish-American scientists. According to the article, the scientists have discovered a protein that turns off the cell suicide mechanism that is turned on my radiation therapy. The results are astounding, and the trials conducted so far indicate that it is very safe. If approved, this drug could allow much higher doses of radiation therapy against certain types of cancer! It would also provide protection against victims of nuclear fallout in the event of a nuclear attack, or the use of a "dirty" bomb. Exciting!

One Thought (With Which I Agree) on Universal Health Care

The title pretty much says it all. THIS is an excellent article, written by a bioethics professor at Princeton University, making the case for the rationing of health care, essentially setting a price tag on a human life. I agree with his excellently made points. I normally like to give you a synopsis of the article, but you really should read it yourself. It's worth your time.

His main point: We already have set a price tag on human life/safety, in other realms. We need to do so, openly, in health care.